HelloProfit vs AmzChart

Amazon is a great global e-commerce platform. Because of it, we can buy our favorite products from all over the world. At the same time, the rapid development of Amazon has also enabled many sellers who are engaged in Amazon's business to earn a good income and live a very happy life.

As Amazon sellers, there are usually many challenges to solve in order to make our products the most popular ones. For example, the problem of choosing products in the sales process becomes the key to the sustainability of the store. Which one has more accurate data? Which one offers more seller support? Which is rolling out useful new features to help sellers keep pace with Amazon? This article introduces 2 Amazon tools and provides a transparent side-by-side comparison which also can help you be more efficient.

Obviously, we believe in our own product - that's why we use it for our own Amazon business - but we offer a clear, neutral comparison of HelloProfit and AmzChart there, so you can be the judge. There is no difference between the good and bad of the following two tools. A comparative analysis from the perspective of professional selection will help you choose the right tool. Let's start.


HelloProfit is an Amazon seller analytics & PPC software tool. Everything you need in an Amazon seller software tool. A full suite of Amazon seller analytics & PPC tools that allows you complete control of your business.

The homepage of HelloProfit-AmzChart


AmzChart is one of the best Amazon BSR & product research tools. One of the best Amazon seller tools which provide you with the analytics for top-selling items on amazon:ASIN, BSR, FBA, FBM, etc...Your Amazon success depends on this amazing software - AmzChart.

The homepage of AmzChart

Features: AmzChart or HelloProfit

LIVE Sales Updates

you can watch your sales stats, ranking, and profit live with HelloProfit’s top-notch technology. The same for AmzChart, which can help you directly use the accurate and up-to-date data provided by Amazon to discover your next potential hot product, and all data is updated in real time. And with AmzChart's massive data support, you can use Amazon BSR to find potentially hot items on Amazon. BSR measures product popularity and sales based on product categories and subcategories. By analyzing BSR data, you can target high-demand and low-competition products, boost your sales, and increase your BSR accordingly.

Visualized Data

Complex Excel sheet? Need a PhD in mathematics or data analysis? Simple graphical view enables you to understand your data. Whether it is HelloProfit or AmzChart, both have realized the visual display of data. AmzChart focuses on Amazon sales ranking charts and Amazon BSR product research. You can check product indicators (estimated sales Amount, comments, variant keywords, historical BSR under each category) and track product changes. AmzChart also provides many indicators to help you find the perfect product for your business and beat your competitors.


HelloProfit is a community-driven software that relies on user's feedback. AmzChart also believes that the voice of every user is very important. You can get professional guidance, and rank your products on Amazon with AmzChart. Wherever you are in your seller journey, it can help. The Amazon experts of AmzChart have been professionally trained, and provide professional guidance through video tutorials, blogs, reports, etc., aiming to increase your sales up to 200%.

The following is a detailed comparison of the two tools:

Hello Profit AmzChart
Multiple Merchant Accounts
Get an high level view of your sku level product data.
Full Price vs Promo Sales
Detailed Breakdown
Track Your Sales Rank
True Cost of Sales
Customizable Graphs
Fine Grained Detail
Breakdown Per SKU
Get Your True Profit
Income & Expenses Grouped
Product Research
Maket Insight
Keyword scout
Keyword Tracking
BSR & Ranking
Total Products More Than 100 Million

Both HelloProfit and AmzChart are great products, and there are plenty of features to help you in your daily work. However, after using them for a while, I think that although most of their functions are roughly the same, AmzChart is more focused on providing the most direct assistance to Amazon sellers through data.

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