Hello Profit vs AmzChart

Amazon is a very great global e-commerce platform. Because of its existence, we can buy our favorite products from all over the world. At the same time, relying on Amazon has enabled many sellers on it to get a good income and live a very happy life.

Then, as Amazon sellers, we need to solve many problems in order to make our products the most popular products. For example, the problem of choosing products in the selling process has become the key to whether the store continues. Therefore, for product selection, I am This article introduces 2 Amazon tools to help you improve your work efficiency.

There is no difference between the good and bad of the following two tools. A comparative analysis from the perspective of professional selection will help you choose the right tool. Let's start. Let us first understand the two tools.

Hello Profit

HelloProfit is an Amazon seller analytics & PPC software tool. Everything you need in an Amazon seller software tool. A full suite of Amazon seller analytics & PPC tools that allows you complete control of your business.


AmzChart is the #1 Amazon BSR & product research tool. One of the best Amazon seller tools which provide you with the analytics for top-selling items on amazon:ASIN, BSR, FBA, FBM, etc...Your Amazon success depends on this amazing software - AmzChart.

The following is my detailed product function comparison of the two software tools, the specific comparison information is as follows:

Hello Profit AmzChart
Multiple Merchant Accounts
Get an high level view of your sku level product data.
Full Price vs Promo Sales
Detailed Breakdown
Track Your Sales Rank
True Cost of Sales
Customizable Graphs
Fine Grained Detail
Breakdown Per SKU
Get Your True Profit
Income & Expenses Grouped
Product Research
Maket Insight
Keyword scout
Keyword Tracking
BSR & Ranking
Total Products More Than 100 Million

The above two tools have their own professional directions, but they are all tools that are helpful to Amazon sellers, so they can be used in combination.

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