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Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce shopping platform. Amazon records sales of $4,722 per second; sales of $283,000 per minute; and average revenue of more than $17 million in an hour. But about the specific sales of an item Amazon is not public, then BSR becomes an important reference for us to measure the sales, let's get to know BSR.

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon's BSR
  • Definition:
    • Amazon Sales Rank is an indicator of a product's sales compared to similar products, also known as Amazon Best Sellers Rank or BSR (Best Sellers Rank), which is an important indicator of overall product sales and can cover from 1 to over 1 million products.
  • Features:
    • The BSR ranking of each product is different in different categories and different sites. A high BSR not only indicates the strength of one's product, but also may boost sales. Therefore, such a BSR with gold has also become the goal of many sellers;
    • it is based on the number of orders, not the number of units;
    • it includes only orders that have been successfully paid;
    • it is updated every hour;
    • the leaderboard is also based on the number and speed of recent orders;
    • it is not influenced by the number of searches or page views, but by conversions;
    • It is also influenced by seasonality, so popularity and usefulness should be considered.
  • BSR does not represent the natural ranking, but the higher your BSR, the greater the chances that you will show up in the front of the search results, understand the blackwater management theory of sellers should understand this better. So there are many sellers will specialize in small categories, small categories of competition, improve BSR faster, increasing the probability of the product appearing in the first few pages of keywords. So you will see in some of the more competitive categories, the first page in the case of multiple Best Seller. A listing can have up to 3 small nodes, sellers can open a case for customer service to increase or modify the node.

What Amazon sellers can do with Amazon Sales Rank?

Let's go through AmzChart to show the two main uses of BSR:

AmzChart‘s BSR on PRODUCTS
  • Select product :
    Selected Bedding category, sorted in descending order of BSR, we can see the best ranking BSR goods under the category, we can also easily see the ranking of the goods under each parent category through the hover window, not only that, we can intuitively see its BSR in 1, 7, 14, 30 days of BSR growth. In this way, the best-selling items can be seen at a glance, which greatly helps us to capture the needs of users.
AmzChart‘s BSR on TRACKING
  • Monitor Competitors:
    We can also monitor the changes in the BSR of competing products and improve sales by advertising and other means to rank jamming and other operations during high traffic periods.

How to improve Amazon Sales Rank?

BSR ranking is most relevant for sales, followed by keywords:

  • For BSR ranking, it is natural to improve it by boosting sales. When a Listing is in the new product period, or in the build up period, sellers must first stabilize sales to stabilize the Listing's BSR ranking, in order to stabilize the BSR ranking, sellers can introduce more traffic through competitive prices, station advertising and orders, as well as the brush single way, sales rise, ranking natural rise, ranking rise, bring more traffic, forming a virtuous cycle
    • Supply more best-selling products:
      Sellers can see what the best-selling products are and find inspiration from them to see if they can transform it into more products, supply more colors, sizes, etc.
    • Expand your target market
      Be careful not to focus only on the most obvious consumers; consider whether the product is right for the business? That said, you should consider selling wooden cutting boards to restaurants or bistros that serve food on cutting boards. Sellers can also customize the product for them by adding a store Logo.
    • Stay innovative
      Do you have a lot of competitors? In other words, are there any other stores selling the exact same products as yours? If so, then you may want to develop the product in depth and find out what it is that consumers want.
  • For the keyword ranking, sellers need a more long-term view, because it is difficult to achieve immediate results (before certain so-called brush keywords on the first page is not in the scope of our discussion, of course, now with the adjustment of the Amazon A9 algorithm weight, brush keywords on the first page of the method is basically invalid), sellers have to consider the comprehensive factors from Listing, sales is the basis, in addition to Of course, once the core keywords can appear on the first page of the search results, the traffic and orders it brings, will naturally play a very large role in improving the ranking of BSR.
    • Effective click-through rate of listing major keywords
      We do not say "the listing's effective click-through rate", but rather "the effective click-through rate of the main keywords", the reason is that the overall click-through rate of the listing is actually not much reference value for the analysis of a product. If you want to improve the natural search ranking of the listing, analyze the ranking of each major keyword is an important step.
    • Conversion rate of product keywords
      When your product has a lot of clicks, the system will determine that your product has the potential to become a hit, and thus will have extra care for your listing in terms of keyword ranking. However, this extra care is a prerequisite, that is, most of these effective clicks to complete the conversion can be. In other words, if you want to improve your keyword ranking, the click rate of your listing every day to maintain a very high state, but your listing conversion rate is always miserable, then the system will determine that you are artificially manipulating the click rate, once the system is determined to manipulate the ranking, the listing is not far from death.

Final Thoughts

BSR is the most concerned indicator as a seller, it directly affects the amount of goods shown, if you want to know more, quickly go to AmzChart to see it.

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