Frequently Asked Questions

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1. About AmzChart

AmzChart is a powerful product research tool for Amazon. 
Currently the Product and Keyword function covers 9 marketplace (US, Germany, Japan, France, India, Mexico, Spain, UK, UAE), and will continue to be added later.
We just have the English version, but if you log in with google chrome, you can translate it into other languages with the Google Translate extension. 
We do not support changing the email address. If you want to change it, you can just register with a new email address, it also means you have two accounts. 
If you register with email and password, you can just click the "Forgot password" on the log-i page, then it will send an email for you to reset a new password. 
If you have already registered with Gmail and password, you can still log in via Google account, but they're two different accounts. 
If you are an Amazon seller, you can find winning products with this tool and get real-time market insight. 
We have the most products data, daily update the data of the product library and real-time display of the collected product data; the current database total data volume of more than 100 million, of which the U.S. station goods reached of which the U.S. 35 million +, daily update data nearly 10 million active products.

2. About Operations

It's best-sellers rank on Amazon. 
You can enter the Keywords, Brands, or ASIN first, then filter with "Current BSR", "Total Reviews" and "Star Ratings", etc. It will present the list of active products for your reference. 
You'd better set Keywords, Brands, or ASIN first, then choose other filters for advanced search. 
You can go to "Market Insight" and make an advanced search with Keywords, Brands, or ASIN and other filters, it will present the product listings under the specific category. 

3. About Payment

Yes,you can get more survice after paying.