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Amazon Business Develop Strategy Discussion by 5 Experts

Online retail is growing faster than ever before, so if you’ve ever thought about becoming an Amazon seller, now is a great time to get started. But for beginners who have just started Amazon’s business, may have to face the problem of how to start. Well, Amazon product research tools such as the Amazon BSR tracker can help beginners take the first step, especially for the difficult problems faced at the beginning of "selecting products".
Successful sellers usually make wise decisions for choosing tools. When you get an Amazon product research tool, how can it help you develop their Amazon business? And is it necessary to use tools? Today we have summarized the advice of 5 experts.

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Igor Avidon - Founder of Avidon Marketing Group

In eCommerce, finding a product that is sourceable, profitable, shippable, and has limited competition in Amazon is a very tough challenge as there is a lot of competition. There are nearly 200 million products available for sale on the Amazon site.

Finding products that have high demand, and are likely to remain high in the future, can be searched through product research tools that tell the information in numbers allowing you to have a more quantitative approach towards product research.

Using product research tools makes the process faster and more efficient than a manual search. It also tells about the competitor’s position regarding the products that they are targeting and also the keywords they are using for ranking their products.

Dan Cassidy - CEO/Founder of Brandhopper Digital

One of the most important ingredients for e-commerce success is product/market fit, and Amazon product research tools can help determine whether there is demand for the potential product a seller is looking to develop. Things to consider when selecting a product includes how saturated the market is, how much demand there is for the product category, whether demand is trending up or down, and most importantly how your product is going to be differentiated from the rest.

Without tools this research can be done however the right tools can certainly speed up the process.

Hammad from ZonGuru

Amazon is a “sell-what-you-want” buffet. You’ll find everything here. The question is where lies the real money? As a matter of fact, even experienced sellers can struggle to answer that question. What worked for your friend in the past, may not work for you. What you think could be the best profitable product, may actually be a money-burner on amazon. You need to analyze things objectively here and use data to your advantage. That’s where Amazon product research tools come in. They take the guessing game out of product research and break down everything for you – from market demand for your product to average monthly sales of sellers in your niche to the expected budget required for your launch. Some tools even help you connect with the right supplier for your product. Everything becomes a lot easier for you as a seller.

Omer Riaz - CEO of

Tools are a great way to do product research for Amazon, however, we need to keep in mind that these tools are used by hundreds and thousands of other people. With thousands of people looking at the same data with almost identical filters, it is a strong possibility that there are many other people looking and launching a similar product. Now the question is how to avoid that scenario before it’s too late. There are some ways and it all depends on your skill set and budget. First, ideally don’t rely on one tool and check 2-3 tools to validate data. Also, if possible, get help from an expert or agency. Secondly, if you have the skill-set or the right team to research then use other platforms or trend analysis tools. Lastly, one of the main points many people miss during their product research is identifying their target audience or consumers and then customizing the product based on their interests and needs.

Henry Burnett - Founder of Sproutify Supply Co.

I am actually a new Amazon seller myself. I started with product research in the fall of last year and launched my first product at the end of January. Now I'm near to $10k in sales with big plans to keep growing.

I'd be glad to speak with you about some of the tools that I've used. I can also share a bit about what I've seen from friends who also tried to create an Amazon business but put too much faith in certain tools and ultimately their attempt was a big failure. From my experience, it is absolutely necessary to use tools. But choosing the right tools is all that matters.

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