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The early days of being an eCommerce entrepreneur can be isolating. You spend long hours working from home with no one to interact with. Besides, since exploring the ins and outs of selling on Amazon can be daunting, you need to find like-minded people who have been in your shoe.

Undoubtedly, forums dedicated for Amazon sellers are great platforms to; connect with other sellers, get practical advice on how to launch and grow your Amazon FBA business, and importantly know how to sort out complex Amazon FBA problems.

Moreover, searching for the best Amazon seller forum on search engines can leave you frustrated later on.

To help you get a head start, I have compiled in this article all you need to know about Amazon seller forums and the best forums for Amazon sellers.

Let’s dive into the details!

What Are Amazon Seller Forums?

Amazon seller forums are web portals, groups, or communities dedicated exclusively for Amazon sellers to; share experiences, discuss common issues, make business contacts, and more. Also, it is a platform for merchants to have their questions answered by more experienced peers.

If you have ever done extensive research on a topic, you've most likely come across a forum via Google. For anyone attempting to learn about a new subject or conduct research on a topic, forums can be a valuable resource.

Furthermore, Amazon seller forums are platforms through which Amazon sellers can learn more about Amazon services and critical functionalities.

You’ve got the big guys in the industry at your back!

Also, over the years, these forums have evolved from message board-style websites to more advanced and user-friendly platforms like; Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn groups, and more.

Most importantly, the value you get from any of these forums is dependent on the class and experience level of the individuals on the platform.

Why Join The Amazon Sellers Forum?

The eCommerce industry is continually changing, and staying ahead of new trends and competitors is an ongoing challenge.

Your frustration leads you to the internet to search stuff like how to sell online, and you stumble on results that make you pissed off.

Do you know what?

Amazon forums are a fantastic resource for learning how to sell on Amazon. While there are resources available to help sellers stay current with the market, there is nothing quite like learning from people who have more expertise.

Let make the points detailed!

Either you are a regular lurker or an active member of an Amazon forum community; here are the benefits you get in turn:

1. You obtain access to first-hand knowledge on the best sales strategies.

2. These forums are more crucial when searching for new ideas on how to grow your business.

3. Amazon seller forums are an escape route to make professional business contacts.

4. You get to discern information from several sellers via forums that can aid in providing more information about the quality of products.

5. The social side of participating in a forum is sometimes underestimated. If you're a solo entrepreneur, you know how lonely it can be at times, so having a community to interact with can be beneficial to your mental health. The best part is that they're typically free, pleasant, and open to everyone, regardless of their skill.

Importantly, most of these forums set rules and regulations. Ensure you do not violate any of these guidelines to avoid your membership being terminated.

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It’s time to get down to what you’ve been waiting for!

Essentially, there are thousands of Amazon seller forums available online. To ensure you have the best, I have compiled a list of the ten best forums that fit your requirements.

Let’s explore!

Best Amazon Seller Forums

1. Amazon Seller Central

Other lists of Amazon Seller forums would be defective without the platform Amazon created for their sellers.

Indeed, one of the first places Amazon sellers should visit to have their questions answered is Amazon Seller Central. It's Amazon's official knowledge center for everything related to selling on the platform.

Finding subjects about sellers' queries is easy with the help of categories such as; selling on Amazon, Account Health, and Fulfillment by Amazon.

Importantly, the fact that Amazon engages with its sellers through news updates makes the Amazon seller central unique. Besides, the forum’s page community members are highly active in responding to fellow users' questions.

However, it’s not just incredibly active, but it's also the best location to find official Amazon releases about best practices and compliance. This Amazon seller forum is the most effective approach to stay informed about current events and industry news.

2. Warrior Forum

Interestingly, this special platform was founded by Clifton Allen. With over 1.1 million members, this seller Forum has earned its name as the world's largest online marketing community to find potential affiliates and partners to enhance your company reach. Further, this platform allows you to build your credibility as a "pro" by participating in various topics.

Also, it's the perfect place for Amazon sellers interested in learning more about online marketing such as; SEO, email marketing, growth hacking, and PPC advertising for Amazon and other platforms.

This platform is one of the exclusive internet marketing forums and marketplaces where you can hold up with the current business trends. Growth hacking, social media, eCommerce sites in general, website design, and link building are some of the other topics covered in other threads.

Importantly, you are expected to sign up as a member before you post questions on the forum.

3. Tamebay

Chris Dawson and Sue Bailey - two British PowerSellers, launched this seller Forum in 2006. Tamebay is an excellent resource for UK vendors selling on Amazon and eBay.

This platform is a popular platform and top news and intelligence supplier for all enterprises that trade on online marketplaces. It keeps vendors up-to-date on all of the newest eCommerce trends, innovations, and other announcements.

Furthermore, it serves businesses and merchants by operating on the most popular online marketplaces and assisting them in selling more and better. It is the ideal go-to resource for anything from eBooks to articles, webinars, and events, especially if you want to develop your business.

Are you seeking ways to increase online sales, drive traffic, convert new customers, or learn about best practices? This is unquestionably an excellent resource.

Again, it's often updated, and you can sign up for their newsletter to receive a daily round-up of the latest news in your inbox.

4. E-commerce Fuel Forum

The Ecommerce Fuel Forum is for established businesses with annual revenues of six or seven figures. This is primarily for professional or experienced sellers. It's an outstanding resource for learning about what numerous online store owners are doing to grow their businesses.

Andrew Youderian, a well-known influencer, and eCommerce entrepreneur own this platform. This seller forum is renowned as one of the best eCommerce podcasts.

With over 1,000 high-earning specialists on the platform, you can tap into the platform's global network of Amazon and other online marketplace sellers for expert guidance to growth. Additionally, with more than 10,000 historical discussions to browse, you can discover almost everything from this platform.

Joining eCommerce Fuel, you hit into a highly competent pool of store owners who are receptive to share what’s working in their business. Essentially, this will assist you to grow your business faster and outrun your competitors.

5. Full-time FBA

Are you looking for a Facebook group for Amazon sellers to participate in forum-style discussions? Full-Time FBA is the ideal option for you.

The goal of this forum is to turn part-time merchants into full-time Amazon FBA specialists. They answer every query with attention, and you have a license to promote your items.

In addition, this seller forum is extremely active with 9,456 members.

According to the platform moderator; Stephen Smotherman,

“The forum's goal is to create a positive community of people who are interested in selling on Amazon and transitioning from part-time to full-time Amazon FBA sellers”.

This seller forum assists to eliminate your fulfillment headache and help you scale your business. This is achieved via the provision of answers to general FBA inquiries, FBA orders, customer assistance, as well as shipping and inventory management.

6. WebRetailer

WebRetailer is a terrific resource for Amazon sellers who wish to establish a successful business.

Importantly, it is one of the internet's oldest Amazon seller forums. This platform provides you with access to a large variety of subjects with easily addressed inquiries. This offer is possible due to its responsive design and user-friendly navigation.

In particular, Web Retailer assists eBay and Amazon consumers looking for third-party software and services.

Furthermore, this seller forum has four main categories:

  • A software directory including independent reviews.
  • A forum.
  • Webinars.
  • Then finally a blog section.

Presently, the platform has over 18,000 members around the world. Further, it has interviews with various Amazon best sellers who share their thoughts and experiences regarding selling. The platform also features well-researched and interesting blogs that everyone interested in selling online can read.

Most importantly, this forum has a vast global readership, with the United States leading the way, followed by the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, China, Swaziland, and Fiji.

7. Amazon Sellers

Another Facebook group for anyone selling on the online marketplace is the Amazon Seller. Amazon Sellers is a Facebook community that dates back to 2007.

With 54,129 members and 601 posts in the last 30 days, Amazon sellers have become a global hub for exchanging information and seeking help on selling on Amazon. It's a very busy seller forum, with hundreds of inquiries and tips posted every day.

In particular, interacting with other Amazon sellers is considerably easier because the mother platform of this community is a popular and extensively utilized social networking platform. You also have the option of exclusivity in terms of network contacts using the "Add Friend" tool.

Also, this seller forum strives to help Amazon sellers all over the world by sharing information, industry insights, and best practices.

Additionally, it's devoted solely to selling on Amazon. Therefore, the information released is relevant and beneficial to Amazon sellers.

There are a few posting criteria to emerge, but as long as you keep to them, you should be fine.

8. AMZ Tracker Community

AMZ Tracker Community Forum is one of the largest and dedicated online tools for Amazon selling information, concerns, and other questions. Also, the community is assigned to the use of a comprehensive set of tools known as the AMZ Tracker. This tool is created specifically to help Amazon FBA sellers enhance and streamline their operations. In addition, it has other tools like; sales trackers, blogs, and revenue estimators.

To uncover relevant information about your business, you can search themes by conversation, best-of, or most recent activity.

The forum has a wealth of useful information and posts to assist both new and experienced vendors.

Importantly, deep words, the ultimate long-tail keywords for Amazon merchants are available to AMZ Tracker members. With this tool, you can find high-converting keywords that are overlooked by typical keyword programs.

Again, members of this community can search for questions based on their topic, post number, or date. Further, they can even view unanswered queries and provide feedback.

9. Startup Bros

Will Mitchell and Kyle Eschenroeder - two best friends and entrepreneurs who have been interested in business and the internet since childhood, launched Startup Bros.

StartupBros provides support to its community through podcasts, blog posts, webinars, courses, Facebook groups, and more.

It's an eCommerce hub with masterclass programs, live events, and training courses for Amazon sellers. When you sign up for any of these services, you'll obtain access to the instructive forum, where you can connect with other Amazon sellers who want to learn and build their business. Interestingly, this offer makes it easy to network with like-minded people who are eager to learn and grow their businesses.

10. Amazon Seller Space In Quora

Quora's Amazon Seller Space is another place to learn, especially for new Amazon sellers. This Quora forum page addresses questions about what to do, what not to do, and how-to tips when selling on Amazon.

This forum website currently has over 4,000 followers who offer questions and responses to its community members.

Quora has a unique feature; it is both a social network and a search engine.

This platform covers practically every topic you can think of. However, some studies may be required. Every inquiry you ask will receive a positive response.

You can search by date or topic, or you can set up notifications to be notified when a new response to your query is available. The platform -  Quora, has over 100 million members, giving you a great chance to locate whatever you're looking for.

Before You Go!

Here you have it!

You have at your fingertips the handful of Amazon seller forums that can help you succeed in Amazon FBA.

Nevertheless, keep this in mind.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to go beyond what they are doing, implement new strategies and plan towards its realization. Search for tested additional resources. Read books, watch videos and take courses on how to make hitch-free sales on Amazon.

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