Seller.Tools Vs AmzChart (review in 2020)

How to make money on Amazon? This is a huge question because not every merchant has made money on it. But if you want to generate great revenue from it, the first step is to find potential trending products that will make you money.

How to find potential trending products? There are several tools such as Seller.Tools, AmzChart that you can use to find your potential winning items. But which one is right for you? I am going to compare these two tools and help you find the perfect one.

What is Seller.Tools?

Seller.Tools is a full suite of tools leveraging Amazon data to take your business to new heights. You can access accurate keyword search volume without leaving Amazon, and you can target your highest-quality customers in seconds with repeat buyers review request, meanwhile, it works in every Amazon marketplace(US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, AU, JP, CA).

the homepage of Seller.Tools -- AmzChart
the homepage of Seller.Tools -- AmzChart

What is AmzChart?

AmzChart specializes in Amazon Best Seller product data analytics to perform product research.

Why choose Amazon Best Seller Rank(BSR) data to conduct product selection? According to Amazon, Amazon Best Seller Rank(BSR) is the rank of Amazon’s most popular products based on sales, updated hourly. They didn’t disclose any details of the BSR algorithm, but there is one thing for sure, Amazon sellers have a chance to know whether their products are performing well or not through Best Seller rankings. Generally, products with low sales have high BSR, with high sales have low BSR accordingly.

AmzChart is going to reveal almost everything about BSR products for you to find your potential winning items, improve your Amazon BSR, and win your market.

the product page of AmzChart -- AmzChart
the product page of AmzChart -- AmzChart

AmzChart&Seller.Tools comparison

Features AmzChart Seller.Tools
Pricing Free $57-$197/month
Product research
Keyword research developing
PPC management
listing manager
Amazon category path
Competitors tracking
Market insight
BSR changes monitoring
Keyword Wizard
Amazon marketplace U.S All
Custom filters
Keyword comparison
Buybox price tracking

To achieve a great result in the Amazon business, you have to pay attention to the product research, also, you have to choose the perfect category path to put your products in. Seller.Tools is useful for keyword research and Manychat flows, but AmzChart is greater than Seller.Tools in Amazon product searching.

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