How To Create An Eye-Catching Listing

At the first, we should know why Amazon sellers need to focus on listing. A Listing is a product page, product introduction, related products, QA questions, etc. It is for this reason that optimizing product listings is very important in the work of Amazon operations.

If you don't optimize your Listings, your product ranking will be very low, so consumers will not see your Listings, there will be no traffic, thus no orders as well.  So,in order to get more attention, should with more traffic and orders, it is very worthwhile for a novice seller to spend some time optimizing the Listing.

what is Listing? 

Firstly, we should know what sector include in the Listing?

Summarize according to the picture: Images, Title, key features, Pricing, Product description, search term, and other words in the background. At the same time, there is a hidden job—collecting product keywords.

product keywords

Collecting product keywords at the beginning of the article is because keywords are the core and foundation of the entire listing. Keywords with strong relevance, low relative competition, and high popularity will increase exposure and conversion, and increase sales and rankings.

If some keywords are difficult to compete with, we can choose high-quality long-tail keywords.

So, how to get keywords most efficiently?

There are still a lot of Amazon research tools in the market, and almost every product e has its own focus. Let's take AmzChart as an example to search for keywords of competitors.

After we enter the "Keyword Analysis" column, enter the product Asin, and we can get a list of blue keywords, which are the words used by competitors. Click on a keyword to jump to the keyword details page. You can see the monthly search volume, purchase volume, and purchase volume of this keyword on the Amazon platform. Amazon sellers can know whether the keyword is high-quality and whether it is available or not. Competition and the need to build it.

The weight rankings of the five sections of Listing are as follows: Title> Features> Product Images> Description.

As the title with the highest weight, the main reason is that the title simply and rudely shows users "What is the product? What are the main functions?" Most buyers shop with purpose. Inaccurate, then the intuitive impression of the audience’s customer base will be greatly reduced, and the product click-through rate will be lower than the average.

How to quickly create a high-quality title?

In-depth understanding of their products and their performance;

Through the Amazon platform, select several similar products with better sales to analyze, and find the core keywords and product characteristic words in the title;

According to the homogeneity and differentiation of its own products and competing products, keep the core keywords, remove the characteristic words with serious homogeneity, and add characteristic words that can reflect the characteristics of their own products.

 Product Features

Features do not directly affect search results ranking, but they affect search results in terms of conversion rate and product relevance.

Features are not only important for location, but also for search weight. Due to the limited length of the title, it is often only possible to write a few important main keywords. So what about other words?

"Bullet points" is the main place for other keywords. Before writing, we must establish a product keyword database at the first.

Product Image

The image of Amazon products directly affects the click-through rate of the entire listing, and the click-through rate and conversion rate directly affect the ranking of the product on Amazon, so everyone must pay special attention to the quality and clarity of the image. Amazon allows merchants to upload up to 8 product images, so we must prepare at least 8 high-resolution images.

The first image directly affects the click-through rate of consumers and is the only product image displayed at the front when consumers search for keywords related to your product.

(1) Pure white background image, and the product should preferably account for more than 75% of the entire page;

(2) Name the picture as a noun related to the product before uploading. For example, sunglasses, the picture is named sunglasses, which is convenient for the system to recognize;

(3) The product's main image is displayed with different angles to the full picture of the product.

Product Description

The product description can specify the characteristics of the product, the difference of the product. A good product description will have a good impact on conversion. There are two main types of product descriptions, "story type" and "description type". Which type to choose depends on the product itself.

Feeling part, telling the brand story, manufacturing quality background, etc;

Product description, briefly describing the core product parameters that consumers care about;

Quality assurance and after-sales service, sellers can emphasize their product quality assurance in this section, such as providing a one-year warranty and providing immediate answers to questions at any time;

Packaging information, any product must be clearly marked with packaging information, if it is a suit, you can write the details of the suit, if there are gifts, the content of the gifts should be listed separately.


Analyzing the listing of competitors to help optimize their products, thereby enhancing their competitiveness, and ensuring that their products can stand out among the many products, is also a very good choice.

A good Amazon product listing can not only get a better ranking in the Amazon A9 algorithm, also save high CPC advertising costs and maximize your product sales potential.

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