AmzChart VS Seller Motor: Which One is the Best Product Research Tool

If you are an Amazon seller, you must have several commonly used research tools. Research tools are a necessary condition to assist sellers in success. A seller who is good at using tools can clearly understand which products on Amazon have the potential to be hot sale, knowing what products you want to sell? How to pricing it? How to do marketing?

In fact, more than one-third of Amazon sellers said that using the right tools and understanding comprehensive information is essential to making money in e-commerce. Seller motor and AmzChart are two tools commonly used by Amazon sellers in product research. Both products provide useful functions and resource information, but in general, which one do sellers prefer? More specifically, we want to know which platform provides more accurate data and a better user experience at the best price.

This article will introduce the main functions, advantages and disadvantages, and prices of Seller Motor and AmzChart, and provide Amazon sellers with reference and selection of the most suitable product selection tools.

This is a new tool, mainly for Amazon sellers. It is a product research tool based on Amazon BSR data analysis. It is still completely free. The high-privilege function invites a friend to activate the function. Since this software can capture comprehensive data such as the number of reviews, prices, ratings, and finally screen products, many domestic navigation stations have included this tool, and most domestic Amazon sellers must be familiar with it.

Product Database:

The database of up to tens of millions of products is the highlight of AmzChart. Because there are too many products, sellers need to make screening conditions according to local conditions and select the ones that they are satisfied with. This software itself can filter Amazon products based on high demand + low competition, high investment + hot new products, and other double filtering items, which can be said to be very friendly to novices.

AmzChart combines the big data of products and can provide all kinds of product data: such as BSR ranking, BSR changes at a different time, categories, prices, reviews, etc. It provides more than 500 filter conditions so that Amazon sellers can set and set according to user preferences. Screening, through Amazon's category analysis, is used to help sellers find niche products in the market.

From: AmzChart

AmzChart has a powerful and complete BSR ranking of product categories. Sellers can filter products within 1-30 days. Check the product's BSR ranking to quickly find Amazon products that have a fast ranking growth and are in line with the seller's sales, and click the product title, view details button You can jump to the product detail page, and click on the product link to jump to the Amazon product page.

SellerMotor has a powerful products research function as well,but compares with Amzchart,it focuses on different perspectives. Comprehensively integrate market intelligence, including 14 dimensions such as price, sales volume, BSR ranking, category.

From: Seller Motor

Keywords Analysis

The premise of an e-commerce transaction is traffic, and free traffic basically comes from keywords. Good keywords can bring strong traffic to the store and save part of the cost, such as advertising. What normal sellers like most are long-tail words with large search volume, large purchase volume, rising trend, and relatively small competition. This may be what we need to find when using product selection tools.

AmzChart's "keyword analysis" takes this function into account, and can query the popularity, search volume, purchase volume, purchase rate, and related long-tail traffic words of the products included in the Amazon website through the product's ASIN or keywords. If the seller wants to know which core keywords a certain ASIN uses, they can also use this function to do a reverse check.

From: AmzChart

AmzChart contains more than 1,200,000 products in different categories, and each product also has in-depth analysis, so that Amazon sellers can access the latest BSR product details and changes at any time. Sellers can use AmzChart to find suitable products and profit from them. It aims to help Amazon sellers successfully select products and develop their business, and maintain continuous profitability.

From: AmzChart

Seller Motor also has a strong keywords analysis function, but different from Amzchart, Seller Motor's keywords research is base on different categories and filters. The keyword analysis function is similar to the product analysis function. Appropriate keywords are selected through a large number of category filtering and other filter conditions. The final keywords will also cover more scopes, such as Google Trends, Price, order quantity, ranking, etc. But too many choices will cause misjudgment when making a real decision.

From: Seller Motor

Seller Motor VS AmzChart

Features AmzChart Seller Motor
Price Basic:$ 9/month
Pro:$ 49 /month
VIP Enterprise:$ 99~399 /month
Standard: $369/month
Premium: $999/month
Top Brands X
Products analysis
Matting tools X
Amazon BSR analysis X
Adversting analysis X
Categories competitive analysis X
Reviews growth trend X
Amazon variety analysis
Top ASIN Report X

If you want to quickly understand what categories are more popular on Amazon and what is more profitable to sell, then you must have a clear understanding of all categories on Amazon. For sellers at different stages, the selection criteria will definitely be different.

The essence of the product research tool is that the most important thing is the one that suits you best. If you like free, paid software may not be suitable for you; if you have very strong product selection capabilities and only need simple data, then the basic model can meet your needs; if you want to use it anytime, anywhere, then The plug-in version is more suitable for you than the web version.

Amazon's product research tools AmzChart and Seller Motor are both operational tools developed for sellers, but they have different emphases on use. AmzChart’s homepage has almost no ads, data is more accurate, and user experience is better; and AmzChart provides more than 30 million products in terms of product research, and has sent more than a dozen product screening conditions. For Amazon sellers, it’s a combination of this It is not a difficult task to select the right products with various product selection tools. In terms of use, Seller Motor’s product selection is more subjective, and you need to actively set the filter criteria to select products. Seller Motor also has its own way of creating listings and analyzing category sales and trends.

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