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For most Amazon sellers, product research is quite important because it related to sales as well as Amazon sales rank. Are you interested in Ties market? Is Ties a potential niche industry for you to dive into? What kind of products is selling well within Ties?

With the help of Amazon BSR Tracker & Chart, AmzChart, you will have a great knowledge of Ties niche industry, and top-selling products within this category as well.

Amazon Ties category created on 09-16-2003, currently has 951 listings, 1047 variations, 2837 reviews,  15.41% positive rating, as well as 0.04% negative rating. Also, in the past 7 days, the reviews growth of it is 182, and in the past 30 days, the reviews growth of it is 584. The whole category paths of Ties are:

Sports & Outdoors->Fan Shop->Clothing Accessories->Ties;

We have expressed some basic info about the Ties category above and will analyze the detailed distribution of products under Ties with some metrics to help you figure out what type of products are suitable for Ties category.

Top products in Ties Average Price Average Reviews Average Star Ratings Average Release Date New Brand Opportunity Index
Top 20 products under Ties $22.19 33 4.64 08-26-2014 74.78
Top 50 products under Ties $20.36 20 4.53 01-07-2014 81.13
Top 100 products under Ties $21.32 13 4.61 01-11-2014 85.98

*New Brand Opportunity Index means the opportunity for new brands in Ties category, the greater the number, the greater the opportunity.

I believe you already have a clear understanding of the Ties industry as well as product information under Ties. When it comes to finding a potential niche market, what metrics are worthy of our attention?

First, category path. We have revealed the whole category path of Ties niche category, that's Sports & Outdoors->Fan Shop->Clothing Accessories->Ties;. When launching products, you should check every path to ensure each of them still has opportunities left for you.

Also, if too many listings crowded in one category, it might show there has fierce competition. Currently, Ties has 951 listings in total, is the competition fierce?

Moreover, you have to consider the products' prices under this category. In Ties category, the average prices of top20, top50, and top100 products are: $22.19, $20.36, $21.32. If you want to rank your products higher in the Ties category, accordingly, when you price your item, you should refer to the average price of these top products.

What's more, category activity is another metric you won't miss. We always check total reviews and the changes/growth of reviews under the Ties category. If the reviews rise rapidly in a short period of time, it means that the category is currently very popular in the market. Now, Ties's reviews grow 182 in past 7 days, is this category currently popular in the market?

Of course, there are many more metrics that can help you find a potential niche category waiting for you to explore in AmzChart, the effective Amazon BSR Chart. Then you can decide whether Ties is a good niche for you to work on.

5 Best Ties Products to Sell on Amazon

After analyzing the Ties category with every detail. Is Ties a good idea? I think there already has the answer in your mind. If you are going to launch your product in Ties, I would highly suggest you check Amazon BSR and Amazon sales rank chart in this category and the performance of these high BSR products. No worries, I have prepared 5 top products in Ties category for you to "spy on".


NFL Dual Infinity Necklace | Sports Fan Jewelry Gift | Fashion Jewelry | Birthday & Holiday Gifts for Women and Girls

ASIN Number: B07H9XX618
PASIN Number: B07H8XX7YF
BSR: 10573
Buybox Price: $11.99
Buybox Seller: Amazon
Shipping Method: FBA
Release Date: 09-11-2018
Number of Sellers: 1
Category Path: Sports & Outdoors->Fan Shop->Clothing Accessories->Ties;->Sports & Outdoors->Fan Shop->Jewelry & Watches->Necklaces & Pendants;

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NCAA Men's Repeating Primary Necktie

ASIN Number: B00HEPG846
PASIN Number: B00I2GPAE0
BSR: 83125
Buybox Price: $26.25
Buybox Seller: Amazon
Shipping Method: FBA
Release Date: 12-17-2013
Number of Sellers: 1
Category Path: Sports & Outdoors->Fan Shop->Clothing Accessories->Ties;

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University of South Carolina Oxford Bow Tie

BSR: 102562
Buybox Price: $12.75
Buybox Seller: Tieguys
Shipping Method: FBM
Release Date: 09-30-2016
Number of Sellers: 2
Category Path: Sports & Outdoors->Fan Shop->Clothing Accessories->Ties;

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Florida Gators Grid Neck Tie with NCAA College Sports Team Logo

ASIN Number: B00UM2KY5M
PASIN Number: B00UM2KY5M
BSR: 105692
Buybox Price: $21.5
Buybox Seller: The Everything Outlet
Shipping Method: FBM
Release Date: 03-12-2015
Number of Sellers: 2
Category Path: Sports & Outdoors->Fan Shop->Clothing Accessories->Ties;

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Cheesehead Necktie

BSR: 111824
Buybox Price: $17.72
Buybox Seller: Foamation, Inc.
Shipping Method: FBM
Release Date: 03-31-2015
Number of Sellers: 1
Category Path: Sports & Outdoors->Fan Shop->Clothing Accessories->Ties;

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Now, you have mastered the detailed information of the top 5 products in the Ties category. More than that! You can track all of these high-performance products with Amazon BSR Tracker - AmzChart, to find more high BSR items.

Want to achieve success in the Amazon marketplace? Pay more attention to Amazon top sellers, as well as Amazon BSR changes of products.