Bqool Vs AmzChart, Which One Is Popular Among Amazon Sellers?

The process of researching current market trends and choosing an item that is going to abundantly sell online on Amazon is termed as Amazon product research.

Only when you identify that kind of products that are going to sell at a lower price but with high demand in the market. You can generate profit margins. Above all, you need to ensure that you can easily make a significant profit margin on every sale made.

Amazon seller tools like Bqool, AmzChart is going to help you find the most potential products in the market. Which one is popular among Amazon sellers? Let’s dive in.

What is Bqool?

BQool provides tools that help Amazon sellers manage reviews and feedback as well as compete with rivals on price. Since 2013, BQool has launched three software products. The first—Repricing Central—enables sellers to automatically adjust the price of their merchandise when a competitor changes the price of its own products. The other two—Feedback Central and Review Central—enable sellers to aggregate and respond to feedback and reviews. BQool markets itself to prospective customers by advertising on Google and participating in Amazon forums and discussion groups.

the homepage of Bqool — AmzChart

What is AmzChart?

AmzChart is an Amazon product research tool, which specializes in Amazon product research based on Amazon BSR data analytics. It contains more than 8,280,000 product data in all Amazon categories, and it also provides more details regarding the trends of Buybox price, new reviews, total reviews, and so on. Furthermore, all Amazon category paths are provided to help Amazon sellers to find the most profitable niche market. It’s quite useful and convenient.

the homepage of AmzChart -- AmzChart
the homepage of AmzChart — AmzChart

AmzChart&Bqool comparison

Features AmzChart Bqool
Pricing Free $25-$500/month
Amazon marketplace USA 9
Identify profitable products
Buybox price tracking
Amazon BSR analytics
Listing optimization
Market insight
Monitor negative reviews
Competitors tracking
Products BSR monitoring
Keyword Scout

For every Amazon seller, it’s significant to make their businesses run well and generate some profits. Bqool will help all aspects of the business, but as for the price, it’s not affordable for small-sized merchants or individual sellers. AmzChart is focusing on Amazon BSR product research, it’s totally free, so if you are an Amazon seller, you might have to try, and get some product ideas from it.

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