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Now, more and more people are investing in Amazon's business, but how to start may become the first challenge they face. Amazon tools may help them. HelloProfit is a great data tool that focuses on seller analysis and Amazon advertising. It is updated from time to time as Amazon data is regularly updated. You can also easily adjust certain parameters to fit your keywords and budget. It will provide you with insightful information through your eyes. But HelloProfit also has some shortcomings. AmzChart, as the best alternative to HelloProfit, can make up for these shortcomings. 
AmzChart is also completely free which can help Amazon sellers find potential hot-selling items and then boost their sales.

Product Dashboard Features

Product Dashboard is mostly used for personal purposes. It gives sellers the opportunity to customize product groups and see trends for specific products or product lines.
You can analyze products individually, including orders and sales. Sales structure analysis includes factors that affect profitability, such as refunds and promotions. HelloProfit synchronizes all data with Amazon in real-time to provide merchants with extremely accurate data. A single dashboard can be used to browse merchant accounts for each region.
But HelloProfit's metrics for analyzing products are not really comprehensive. Fortunately, the best alternative to HelloProfit, AmzChart, a very powerful Amazon BSR tracker can make up for this shortcoming. AmzChart analysis dimensions of products include Product Name, Brand, Buybox Price, Estimated Sales, Reviews, Rating, BSR, BSR increase, Buyer data, Category, and so on. With AmzChart, you can get a deeper understanding of the product.

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Payout Reporting

Amazon sellers put a lot of effort to ensure the success of their business. In order to accurately determine business prospects, sellers must monitor financials on a regular basis. Payment reports of HelloProfit provide sellers with twice-weekly reports to keep them informed about their business as well as their finances.
AmzChart referred as the best HelloProfit alternative, also has powerful research functions. AmzChart not only helps sellers estimate sales, sales, and profits but also spy on your competitors and always keeps a step ahead. You may wonder why your competitors rank higher than you? This is what you have to research. Amazon BSR explores every metrics and takes steps to rank ahead of your competitors.
Why your competitors rank higher than you? This is what you have to research. AmzChart gives you all the information required to make your product the best and causes you to improve its highlights. With a deeper understanding of Amazon product research and Amazon sales rank chart, AmzChart can help you find more high-demand, lower-low-competition products to find potential breakout hits.

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Instant Notifications

Instant notifications of Hello Profit is a profitability snitch, alerts you immediately when sales exceed the parameters you’ve customized. This distributed information helps you understand effective marketing activities and protect your inventory.
But there are some limitations of HelloProfit's instant notifications. It ignores the most important hijacker alerts. AmzChart, as the best alternative to HelloProfit, did a great job in hijacker alerts. AmzChart will send you instant alert notification emails when hijacking events occur or change which can protect your product listings and buy box spot from Amazon hijacker in real-time.

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