AmzChart, The Potent Alternative to AMZScout

Amazon has become the premier marketplace for merchants of just about everything, and selling on Amazon has become an enormously profitable thing. Everyone knows. The result of this is that millions upon millions of people compete with you on Amazon each day, which makes it very difficult to stand out. In this case, Amazon seller tools like AMZScout, AmzChart, are come into being. AMZScout is known for its tagline "The Smart Choice for Making Smart Decisions." AmzChart is known for having the most reliable, huge and comprehensive product information and data which makes it a great AMZScout alternative.

Effective Product Analysis

As we all know, product research is essential to Amazon business. A good product can generate multiple sales. Typically, sellers use these Amazon product research tools to track products, collect metrics, and get a better idea of the overall Amazon marketplace. Both AMZScout and AmzChart could help. As the best AMZScout alternative, AmzChart has a massive Amazon product database, and these data are updated hourly. Its surprising feature is the use of BSR data to rank these products. You can not only check the current BSR of each product under different category paths but also check the past BSR data of these products. For Amazon product research, AmzChart is an expert in this area.

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Keyword Research & Reverse ASIN Lookup

Find the right keywords for your product listing and PPC is important. AMZScout provides keyword research and ASIN reverse lookup for Amazon sellers. As the potent alternative to AMZScout, AmzChart also has these features, it helps you find millions of short and long-tailed keywords that are associated with your original keyword. Moreover, you can check the keywords your competitors use through AmzChart ASIN reverse lookup, and it will show you how often each keyword is looked for so that you will know how many people looked for this item in the past month. Then you can choose the most searched, hidden and rare keywords to optimize your PPC and SEO, to outperform competitors, and grow your organic ranking on Amazon eventually.

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Monthly/Daily Estimated Sales

Amazon doesn‘t provide the sales volume of products or listings. AMZScout provides an Amazon Sales Estimator, you can enter the country, category, and BSR for your item, then click "Calculate Sales", you will get the estimated result.
AmzChart, as the perfect alternative to AMZScout, the steps will be simpler. You can check the estimated sales of each product directly on the Product Research page. And you are able to find the estimated sales of this product in the past day through "Product Tracking", the data will be more accurate. Furthermore, you can also pay attention to sales trends, because product trends will tell you whether an item’s sales are trending up or down, and make sure to avoid products with declining sales. Luckily, these features on AmzChart are completely free.

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FeaturesAmzChart AMZScout
Product Database
Product Estimated Sales
Product BSR Analysis
Product Category Paths
Amazon Keyword Tracker Chrome Extension
Reverse ASIN Lookup
Advanced Product Filters
Amazon Dropshipping & Arbitrage
Customer Rating and Review
FBA Fees Calculator
Amazon Keyword Search
Amazon Sales Rank Charts
Amazon Market Analysis
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