AMZ Shark vs AmzChart

As everyone knows, Amazon is the dominant player in the global e-commerce business. Through it, you can buy products from all over the world. Of course, if you have products, you can sell them to the world, earn the price difference, and achieve profitability.

For sellers working on Amazon, how to choose products with large profit margins? It is a common problem faced by sellers. In this article, I will introduce two tools to improve Amazon’s operational efficiency, so that we can provide the necessary help.

AMZ Shark

AMZShark is the premier toolkit for professional Amazon sellers. Accurately track the sales of almost any Amazon product in any country. Sales Tracker uses sales rankings and inventory levels to provide regularly updated sales data.

Up to 1,000 products can be tracked at a time, which enables large-scale and accurate sales tracking. Up to 90 days of data can be obtained, as well as the details of the control purchase box broken down by merchants. CSV file of all data can be exported.


AmzChart is the #1 Amazon BSR & product research tool. One of the best Amazon seller tools which provide you with the analytics for top-selling items on amazon:ASIN, BSR, FBA, FBM, etc…Your Amazon success depends on this amazing software – AmzChart.

The following is the comparative information about the two tools:

AMZ Shark AmzChart
More than 200 Keywords tracked in Search Rankings 200👎 Unlimited👍
200 Sales Tracker Products develoing…
200 Review Alerts Products
Feedback Alerts Sellers
Keyword Explorer Searches
Niche Scout Searches
Keyword Comparisons
Competition Scout Searches
Friendly, Fast, Premium Support
BSR & Ranking
Total Products More Than 100 Million
Price $99👎 Free👍

These two tools have their own areas of expertise, and the comparison information is to help you choose the right tool faster.

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