Egrow vs AmzChart


Egrow is an Amazon product research tool. Amazon FBA seller software by Egrow – research Amazon marketplace and track your sales.

Egrow is an all-in-one software for Amazon sellers. On a daily basis, it analyzes millions of products in the Amazon marketplace and aggregates sales data in easy-to-understand charts and panels. It will save your time in market analysis and help you find products you can easily sell.


AmzChart is an Amazon seller software that provides data on Amazon BSR products, tracks its sales data in the market in real-time, and helps sellers find products with high profits more easily.

Currently, AmzChart is completely free for sellers to use. The initial team’s goal is to help Amazon’s millions of sellers improve efficiency and help them find niche products.

Egrow AmzChart
Chrome Extension of Amazon product research
Product Research
Keyword Research developing…
ASIN Research
Rank Tracker
Tracking Products
Tracking Keywords developing…
Historical Data
Advanced filtering function
Reviews monitoring
Total Products More Than 100 Million
Price $17/$21/$29👎 Free👍

Egrow and AmzChart are two great software. According to your needs, you can choose one of them to use. If you don’t think you need to spend money, I recommend you to use AmzChart, because this is product research with a very large amount of data. tool.

Judging from the comparison of the magnitude of the data, AmzChart has obviously far surpassed Egrow. The larger the amount of data, the more it can guide you to make the right choice.

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