Cash Cow Pro Vs AmzChart

Amazon is a great e-commerce platform that facilitates consumers to buy goods from all over the world, while also accelerating the process of globalization. When Amazon was in rapid development, he helped many sellers achieve profitability and obtained very objective income from it.

But now, Amazon has been very perfect in all aspects, and many people are beginning to find it difficult to operate Amazon. In fact, I would like to say that it is not difficult. It may be that you have not used good tools to improve your operational results, so as to achieve profitability.

In this article, I will provide two of the best Amazon seller product selection tools and do a detailed comparative analysis to help you solve the difficult problem of product selection.

Cash Cow Pro

CASHCOWPRO : Winning Analytics for Amazon,It mainly provides an analysis of explosive products for Amazon sellers, which is convenient for sellers to follow or find products with profit margins. Test the best title, features, photos, and price. Track sales and profits; actionable data. Plan promotions and track your performance Monitor Refunds, Stock, % Conversions, and more.All from just $39.97 a month


AmzChart is a very professional Amazon BSR analysis tool. Their goal is to help Amazon sellers who are just starting to choose highly profitable products and help them achieve profitability. At present, AmzChart has the following four core functions: Product Research, Market Insight, Keyword Scout, Tracking. Sellers who just started Amazon stores like these four functions very much. The most exciting thing is that this tool is a developer. Designed out of the hobby, it is completely free for sellers to use. Do you think it’s great? I already have a collection, and I often open it to see potential niche products.

The following is a detailed comparison of the two tools, he will guide you to make the right choice to achieve your goals:

Cash Cow Pro AmzChart
Sales Data:Know Your Profit. Real Time
Real time Sales, Profits, Promotions and Refunds
BSR & Ranking
You vs Your Competition
Stock Level & Sales Velocity
Keyword Tracking
Monitor Your Performance
Keyword Suggestion Tool, Hundreds of New Keywords
Check Keyword Competitiveness
Listing Analyzer & Optimizer
Automated Feedback Collection. Get Organic Reviews
UNLIMITED EMAILS, for all marketplaces
100% Automatic. Set Up Once, Collect Feedback While You Sleep
Easy to Use. Prevents Negative Feedback
Grade A+ Amazon Compliant & Optimized Email Send Times
Get More Organic Reviews Now
Global #1 AdvancedTop 20 Million Best Sellers
Find & Invest in the Most Profitable Products
Scan Millions of Products in Seconds
Includes a FREE Chrome Extension
Get 100s of New Product Ideas, Fast
Inventory Monitoring Developing…
Prevent Stock Outs Developing…
Sales Velocity Calculator Developing…
Predicts When You Will Run Out of Stock Developing…
Check All SKU’s in Seconds Developing…
Page Views & Conversion %
Your Price vs Top Competitors
Your Conversion Rate Trends & Page Views
Monitor Changes in Reviews
Your Sales vs Your Competition
Total Products More Than 100 Million

The two tools compared above are very good, and I often use them. If you are short of such tools, you can act immediately to own them, which will bring unexpected gains.

good luck!

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